Best Tattoo Designs for Girls

A tattoo is more than just some work of ink on the skin. For some tattoo is a style statement, for some a symbol of significance and an emotion in the form of a picture for most people. The idea of getting something crafted permanently on the skin is rather fascinating, people get tattoos for various reasons but the strongest among those reasons is to derive inspiration through a tattoo. Certain symbols, quote, picture of a person, or perhaps a motto; all these ideas are mostly chosen by people when they get a tattoo to symbolize something.

Hinduism involves in believing in various goddesses, gods, and deities. The imagery involved with Indian gods is a work of art; it involves various symbols, objects, nature elements and the faces of the gods and goddesses. The themes of Hinduism involve hard work, truth, patience and many more. The meaning of Hindu tattoos mostly depend on the subject matter chosen.

Below is a list of best tattoo designs for Indian gods along with their symbolic meaning and spiritual significance.

Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu is a deity and one of the most significant male figures in Hinduism, he is also known by the names Hari or Naravana. He is worshipped and is seen as a protector. He is depicted as having a pale blue skin and all the four arms and holding these objects, discus, lotus flower and conch. People get the tattoo of lord Vishnu because it symbolizes power and security. Those who want to include a source of power in their tattoo then they should consider getting the tattoo of lord Vishnu.

Lakshmi; the goddess of wealth and fortune she is also associated with prosperity both spiritual and material. She sits on a large lotus flower. Getting a Lakshmi tattoo will work in both ways. Firstly it will symbolize wealth and secondly it will look beautiful with a magnificent pink lotus flower.

She is the Hindu goddess of creation, time, power and destruction. She is a protector and is worshipped for her battles against evil. Kali refers to black color, which is also the color of goddess kali and she has a red tongue. Those who love black ink for their tattoos can get this tattoo.

Lord Ganesh
He is one of the most popular and also widely worshipped Hindu deities. He has an interesting body figure; his head is of an elephant attached to human body. He is the god of new beginnings and he is also associated with removing obstacles. For those who want to depict fresh start and good fortune through their tattoo then it is best for them to get a tattoo of lord Ganesh.

Lord Krishna
He is believed to be the reincarnation of lord Vishnu. He is a supreme deity. He is worshipped for his knowledge and virtues. His traits are playfulness, diplomacy and fearlessness. He is pictured both in his childhood form as well as youth. The most prominent part of lord Krishna is his flute and a peacock feather. Thus a lord Krishna tattoo can be a choice for various reasons.

Lord Rama is the most compassionate of all other gods. He is worshipped for his bravery and devotion towards his duties. He symbolizes virtue and the trait of good governance.

Some Other Tattoo Design for Girls

Besides Indian god tattoos there are many more fabulous tattoo choices for girls they include the following

Zodiac Themed Tattoo
Every zodiac or sun sign has its own identification symbol or logo. So if you believe in sun signs getting it as a tattoo is a fantastic idea. These sun logos are both symbolic and filled with vibrant colors. They make a great artistic and beautiful tattoo. These tattoos are popular both in the west and in our country as well. These make one of the best tattoo designs for girls.

A Butterfly Tattoo
A butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among girls. A butterfly tattoo symbolizes freedom and a carefree attitude. This is the perfect tattoo for free spirited girls. When getting a Butterfly tattoo you have a variety to choose from. Butterflies are beautiful creatures and full different patterns therefor they make one of the most beautiful tattoos and is therefore among the best tattoo designs for girls. Mostly people get a butterfly tattoo on the neck or someplace on the body where it is always visible because it is worth flaunting.

Daddy’s Little Girl
Every girl is their daddy’s little princess and who wouldn’t want to get a tattoo saying the same. This is a very popular tattoo and it became more popular when the global icon Priyanka Chopra got it on her hand. This tattoo has a beautiful meaning and is a popular choice among girls.

Finger Tattoos
Girls are always very conscious about their bodies and getting a tattoo is therefore a big deal for them therefore they usually want small tattoos so that it does not cover a bigger part on the body. Finger tattoos are small shapes and symbols that are not easily visible so girls can always consider getting these cute tattoos. These tattoos look great with funky rings and hand accessories. Finger tattoos are the best tattoo designs for girls.

A Quote
If you are a literature fan then you can always inscribe your ever favorite line from your favorite book or a quote. For example if a harry potter fan had to get a tattoo he would probably get a tattoo of his favorite spell from the book. For those who want to give a sassy vibe through there tattoo then getting a quote as a tattoo is perfect. Such tattoos look fantastic on shoulders.

A Feather or Wings
A feather or wings is a symbol of freedom and flying. For those girls who want to break free from stereotypes and restrictions such tattoos give great strength. Whenever you will look at this tattoo you will be reminded of your carefree attitude towards life. These look beautiful and many girls also prefer an angel with the wings. These tattoos are both meaningful and beautiful.

Don’t forget to experiment with colors
Girls love adding color to their clothes, accessories and hair. Dark or black ink is mostly preferred in tattoos but these days colored tattoos are in fashion. So it is a good idea to fill the tattoos with colors. Most popular color tattoos include mermaid tattoo, cartoon character, flowers and heart. You can add color to any tattoo to make it look more real and vibrant.
All the above tattoo designs are among the best tattoo designs for girls. They not only look appealing but each one of them holds a certain significance and symbolism. Indian god tattoos are a source of positive energy. So if you are willing to get a tattoo then we are the perfect choice. Our artists are experienced and they create the most beautiful and marvelous tattoos with the use of finest techniques and beautiful combination of colors. At tattoos by Mohit we always work with the latest trends. Our artists always work on the latest tattoo designs and trends.

Our emphasis on hygiene
Getting a tattoo is not an easy task. There are always risks involved in getting needle inside your skin. Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of our body and it catches various infections through needles. At our tattoo parlor we keep the equipment clean and sterilized, our artists are very fine in their technique. Besides that we also discard the old equipment. We use latest and fine tattoo accessories. We keep a close check on neatness and cleanliness in the parlor. These details are the most prominent things to be taken care of in the tattoo making.

Our artists
Tattoo is permanent and no one wants the tiniest detail to go wrong because it is something that cannot be fixed later on. Therefore the art of tattoo making demands finest and skilled artists. We have a team of the finest artist who know best how to put the design and ink together on the skin perfectly. Our customers always leave satisfied. We are an experienced group of people in tattoo making industry and we provide the finest detail and precision in every tattoo we design. Our motto is “we take forever pretty serious.” We follow this tag line in every single project.
So if you want the best tattoo then come to “Tattoos by Mohit.” We will give you exactly the kind of tattoo which you are looking for. We will make your tattooing experience wonderful and it will be all worth the pain of getting a needle pierced into your skin. After getting the tattoo you desire you will definitely refer us to your friends.

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