We all like art forms, don’t we? There are so many different kinds of art forms we know of. Tattoos are a great example. Drawing them is nothing short of a unique artistry. It takes patience, skill, and talent to design one. Some men and women both love getting tattooed on different parts of their body. They believe that different tattoos describe different stories about a particular person, or that the tattoo reminds them of a particular memory or incident, or simply just a design they would like to show-off. The number of men getting tattooed, in particular has seen a considerable increase all around the world. Over the years tattoos have gained popularity all over the world. As mentioned before, people get tattoos for many different reasons. Some get it done for cultural reasons, some do it because they feel it describes their personality and nature, some do it cover a bad memory while many others do it to pay tribute to a loved one or a favorite singer of theirs. Then there are some others who do it simply because they like the design of the tattoo. Unfortunately, in today’s world where people are judgmental about every single thing, most people hesitate to get a tattoo simply because they are scared that a few mindless people would judge them on the basis of their tattoos. This is unfair. For example, just because I have a tattoo on my arm does not change me as a person or it does not reduce my abilities. These are just stupid assumptions by people who have no knowledge about art and just make bullshit assumptions about everyone in general. This certain group of people does not realize what kind of an art form a tattoo really is.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo art done then there are however certain truths about getting a tattoo that you should know.

Number one: it hurts, but not as bad as people think it could be. Number two: once a tattoo is on you, it stays. There’s no going back. And number three, you are not doing for anyone else but yourself. If people judge you on the basis of your tattoo just let them be. People are born to judge anyway. And since you are getting a tattoo, you will hear the occasional remarks. But hey, it’s way better than buying creams that are supposed to hide your wrinkles but do the opposite. At least you have something to flaunt. What really matters is though taking time to decide the right tattoo for yourself. It’s very similar to getting married. You have to live with the resultant person for the rest of your life, or in this case, the tattoo. Once you take the time to decide the right tattoo, you will realize the pain you took for getting it designed on your body was totally worth it. You realize you have something that sets you apart from most other people. It’s like a coveted prize, all yours!

In this article we are mainly talking about best tattoo designs for men, even though certain basic factors may apply to both the genders. Here are certain things to be kept in mind while getting tattooed. First things first, people who say size matters are wrong. A bigger tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean a better tattoo. It is just a myth. A tattoo can be small yet look like a million bucks. It should be about how satisfied you are with your tattoo irrespective of the size. Secondly, you have to maintain your hygiene. One major risk with getting a tattoo is that there is a chance you might catch an infection. But do not worry. This would happen if your hygiene is really poor. You have to really maintain your hygiene to prevent catching an infection while getting tattooed. On the other hand, it is not possible to get AIDS virus from tattoo designs. The needle kills any virus when injected in your blood, making it nearly impossible for any virus to enter your body and cause AIDS. The tattoo artist, however, should make it a practice to use a fresh needle for every new client. The needle being used should be used a sterilized one.

There’s a lot more to getting a tattoo. A lot of care has to be taken before and after getting tattooed. Usually a tattoo artist will hand you a medical form and you have to fill it describing your daily lifestyle such as your diet, medication, the places you visit and so on. Based on the medical form the tattoo artist will decide whether you’re fit or not to get a tattoo. Also trusting your tattoo artist is very important. Just like you do not trust a random barber with your hair, you should not trust any random tattoo artist with your body. It is very important to decide the correct tattoo artist for yourself. Have you heard of the artist before? Are his/her clients happy with his/her work? Does he use sterilized needles while inking? These are some factors to be kept in mind while getting inked.

Besides all that, there is a whole science and business behind tattoo art. India is one of the biggest markets for tattoo designs for men as well a rich source of history for tattoo artists to gain some inspiration. Even then most people will condemn you for getting a tattoo on your skin. According to certain stats, the Indian tattoo industry earned nearly Rs. 200 Crore. This particular fact is something every budding tattoo artist must know, for only then we will be able to overcome the taboos placed on people with tattoos.

One good example of a best tattoo artist for men is “Tattoos by Mohit” in New Delhi. They have some really cool tattoo designs for men and are at the top of their work. Consisting of four ‘masters’: Mohit, Samuel, “Shown” and Ronny, all of them gifted with artistic talent that can be matched by very few people. They have never ceased to amaze their clients and their work always turn out to be real masterstrokes in the area of tattoo designing. Not only that, they also take special care of the client before, during and after designing the tattoo by understanding the client’s needs and what message he wants to convey through his tattoo. The possibilities with Mohit and his boys are endless as they offer a wide range of best tattoo designs for men and have expertise in many different kinds of tattoo arts.

As mentioned earlier in the article, most people are hesitant to get themselves inked and are too quick to judge others who have tattoos. This is not right, as a person should not be judged according to what he/she has on the skin. There are people who have the noblest souls and covered in tattoos, while there are others who go to their worship places every day and still have the same judgmental mindset. In a world where people continue to be skeptical of tattoo designs, there are tattoo artists like Mohit and his group, who continue to work and amaze all of us by their art by creating some of best tattoo designs for men.

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