Best Tattoo Designs of Indian Gods

In order to be professional tattoo artists, there is no fixed path. One needs to of course follow certain ground rules which we at Tattoos by Mohit really emphasize upon. We have artists who are passionate about their artwork and being a good artist takes some talent but at the same time it also requires concentration, dedication and a whole lot of practice. We also train our artists that apart from learning all about the art of tattooing, it is essential to develop a good idea to learn about other types of art as well. We want to use this article for sharing the best tattoo designs of Indian Gods, which is an evergreen trend and a favourite among our tattoo experts.

Generally, it is expected that a good tattoo artist needs to be fine at sketching out ideas for clients. Many artists at our tattoo studio even go further and colour their drawings in with markers, colored pencils, or water colors, so that the client has a complete understanding of what the tattoo will look like.

Our Team includes professional artists who are interested in pursuing this kind of career primarily because they have what it takes to be a great listener for the customers. They are open minded, have effective communication skills, an eye for detail and are good listeners.

We completely believe that any aspiring tattoo artist present should definitely take part in an apprenticeship as it provides them a clearer idea about what it entails to be a tattoo artist and gain practical experience and hands-on work. They also understand that it might be crucial to work in a different environment settings than one originally envisioned or to relocate to a different part of the country to reach one’s job goals. It is mostly believed and understood that an established artist will almost always take on an apprentice for an agreed-upon period of time, which is usually a couple of years. During the first part of the apprentice, the experience will probably involve spending most of his or her time doing menial tasks around the tattoo shop. But from sweeping and cleaning, the apprentice will move forward to being able to handle needles and mix inks.

At out studio, we encourage aspiring tattoo artists to spend much of their time practicing with the machine. The idea to do so is to develop and build muscle memory by drawing in the air and in other cases the artists will practice by tattooing on fruit or fake ‘skins’ models. It is only after a detailed observation and assessment that we allow and permit the apprentice to finally use the tattoo machine to ink living skin.

One of the traits that separates us from the hundred other tattoo artists available in the market is our ability to be persistent. We abide by the rule that whether a person is taking art classes at an institute or their college, is already practicing on fake skins or is seeking out an apprenticeship, there is a big need to stick with it. Perseverance is still necessary even if a person is already a well-established tattoo artist. They will always learn about new advances and techniques and this would motivate them to always and consistently strive to become better at their craft. At the same time, as an organization, our collective aim is to bring in new customers while at the same time, continuing to please tattoo collectors so they will become repeat clients.

A successful tattoo artist is one who always keeps in mind the fact that tattoo is a detailed work and involves a lot of patience and concentration. The artist is always encouraged and taught to plan the design out in advance so that colors are applied in the right order to avoid smudging and sullying the lighter colors. The work drawers of tattoo artists need to contain plenty of extra little pieces and parts in case a band snaps or a washer wears out on the tattoo machine in the middle of a session. Having such things handy always allows us to prevent any obstacle that might come our way.

Another important aspect that make the probably the best tattoo artists in Delhi is because we follow a systematic way to making inks, maintaining hygiene procedures to protect our customers, getting and organizing licensing and certification. Detail-oriented people will have an advantage when it comes to succeeding in tattooing. Many of the activities of a tattoo artist do become habit, but as discussed before, there is always a need for concentration and a willingness to learn the best procedures for just about every aspect of the work.

We also specialize in tattoo designs of Indian Gods which are some of the more traditional styles that can find and have a long run. As we are all aware, henna is a major element that can be observed in many social events like that of a wedding or a social gathering. Our understanding stems from the fact that Hindu tattoos refer to an ancient culture which allows us to see that there are many sophisticated designs along the history which have a deep meaning and can be colorful at the same time and that can be a good choice for tattoo artists. For instance, a symbol of Sri Yantra which represents the spiritual journey that pass on to the passage of time and life experiences that we ​​have throughout the life and which allow us to grow. Although, it is not a very difficult tattoo but it is a symbol with a colorful and complex result, that can be very attractive.

Another popular works of ours stem from Om, which is one of the classic symbols of Indian culture. As a symbol, it is significance to Hindu culture and to its generation, nutrition and destruction. It is also used as a sound basis in different relaxation techniques and primarily during meditation as it has to do with the vital energy we have in the body.

Apart from this, the most popular work definitely has to be of Ganesha, that represents elephant-headed godly headed which is considered sacred. It relates to the ideals of wisdom and learning so it is a precious symbol and often has a visually pleasing result.

Generally speaking, people who have admiration and respect for Indian culture find a problem, as most symbols have many meanings and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. However, what most people don’t choose or go for is a very ornate design, because each of these symbols have many detailed layouts and colors assigned to them. As best tattoo designs of Indian Gods, we can say that the Hindu culture offers a wide possibility of colorful designs, so it makes it possible for the customer to combine design with meaning and accomplish a visually appealing and reflective meaning tattoo.

Being named and called the best tattoo artists for Hindu gods, we strive to be at the top of our game and what helps us achieving that is fact we have latest technology, equipment and various collection of colour and needle groupings.

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